Urgent .. the temperature drops to zero

The State of Kuwait will be exposed to a severe cold wave, for a period of five days, starting from next Tuesday until the following Saturday.

Al-Qabas newspaper quoted meteorologist Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi as saying that Kuwait will be exposed to a cold wave reaching zero in some areas.

Al-Qarawi explained that this wave is caused by “the entry of a cold air front, in light of the noticeable activity of northwesterly winds and the deepening of the influential air high in the north of the Arabian Peninsula.”
And the Kuwaiti meteorologist suggested that some areas of Kuwait will be exposed to zero temperatures, specifically on Wednesday and Thursday, with the possibility that they will be exposed to rain, which he described as light, on Monday night and the dawn of Tuesday.

He said, "The European high that we are affected by extends from eastern Europe to the north of the peninsula, and it is expected that the mild winter conditions will return in the middle of next week."