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Urgent UAE .. Revealed the cause of 80% of deaths and how to prevent it
Urgent UAE .. Revealed the cause of 80% of deaths and how to prevent it

In a disturbing statement that calls for taking preventive measures to control it and reduce its harm to the lives of citizens and residents of a major country, the UAE, the deaths were announced in the country.

In the details, the President of the Emirates Heart Association, Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Zubaidi, revealed that heart diseases are still at the top of the death rates in the UAE.

Al-Zubaidi explained that the incidence of acute heart attacks constitutes nearly 80% of deaths, stressing the need for early awareness of the symptoms of heart attacks, stressing that early medical intervention contributes to reducing the severity of complications that may occur due to the patient's delay in reaching the nearest center or hospital, pointing out The symptoms that some may neglect include severe chest pain, accompanied by pain in the throat, abdomen, shoulder and back, with sweating and sometimes nausea.

Dr. Abdul Majeed Al-Zubaidi pointed out that heart disease affects males and females in close proportions, and may start with males aged 30-40 years, while it may begin to appear in females aged 50-60 years.

Dr. Abdul Majeed also revealed - on the sidelines of the press conference organized by the association in Dubai on the occasion of World Heart Day, which falls on September 29, under the slogan "Listen to your heart".

In this context, the Secretary-General of the Emirates Heart Association, Dr. Abdullah Shehab, said that cardiac catheterization now accounts for 90% of heart diseases, pointing out that the UAE annually witnesses about 15,000 catheterization procedures, of which about 6000 catheterization operations are performed using the latest medical devices and the rest is distributed On hospitals and other health centers in the country.

He stressed that heart disease is still the biggest challenge in the health arena, stressing the importance of awareness, methods of preventing heart disease and early diagnosis methods, pointing out that the risks of cardiovascular diseases can be avoided by 80% if healthy lifestyles are followed and avoidance of causes, especially smoking. Obesity, fast food and exercise on a daily basis.

He pointed out that the health infrastructure in the UAE is one of the best in the world, especially since the concerned authorities have allocated places to ride bicycles and walkways designed according to the highest international specifications and standards, with the need for early detection annually to know other diseases that, if not detected early, may lead to heart diseases. Such as pressure, cholesterol and diabetes.

Shehab explained that the objectives of the campaign launched by the association revolve around educating and educating groups in society to reduce the spread of heart disease, which is one of the most important causes of premature death at the local and global levels, in addition to the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle for both adults and children.

The campaign focuses on comprehensive awareness of all heart diseases, such as atherosclerosis of all kinds, heart muscle weakness, and electrical disturbances of the heart, in addition to the factors leading to such diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, high blood fats, as well as smoking.

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