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4 conditions for foreigners to obtain a "virtual work" residence visa in the UAE
4 conditions for foreigners to obtain a "virtual work" residence visa in the UAE

The Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship has identified four documents and documents required to obtain the virtual work residency for those inside the country, which are proof of remote work outside the Emirates, a salary certificate of at least (3,500 dollars) or its equivalent in foreign currencies, health insurance, and the result of a medical fitness test. As well as attach a copy of the passport, and a personal color photograph.

As for those outside the country, the authority clarified that the documents required to apply for a virtual work residence visa are a salary certificate of at least $3,500 or its equivalent in foreign currencies, proof of remote work outside the UAE, a copy of the passport, and a copy of A colorful character, the application fee is 300 dirhams, and the transaction can be received via e-mail.

The authority stated that it provides virtual work residence permits, as part of its smart services, via its website, and those wishing to complete this residence can take five steps, starting by entering the site, choosing Smart channels, logging in to the system using the personal account, then choosing the service, filling in the application data, entering and reviewing attachments, then paying the fees.

Last March, the Cabinet approved the introduction of a virtual work residence permit, whereby any employee anywhere in the world can reside in the UAE to practice his work remotely, even if his company is not present in the country, through this type of residence.

The residence permit for a virtual work permit enables a foreigner to enter the country on his personal sponsorship, stay in it for a year, and practice his virtual job, in accordance with the conditions and controls issued with the visa.

The Dubai government launched the virtual work program (remote work from Dubai) for foreign professionals, as it enables people from outside the country to move from their countries abroad, to reside and live in Dubai, while continuing to carry out their work tasks “remotely” with the companies they work for, Its headquarters are located outside the UAE.

The UAE government stated, through its electronic portal, that the beneficiaries of the virtual work program are foreign individuals who are professionals from outside the country, entrepreneurs, owners of emerging projects and small and medium-sized companies, who meet the criteria for joining the program, and if the application to join is approved, the beneficiary can bring his family for residence Based on a request submitted to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai. She stated that the duration of the program is a full year, and is subject to renewal upon submitting a new application.

She explained that to submit the application, the applicant must have a valid passport for at least six months, with valid health insurance covering the entire period of stay in Dubai, and if the applicant is an employee, he must also provide proof of his job with his current employer. , with a work contract valid for one year, a certificate of the last salary, not less than 5000 dollars per month, and a bank statement for the last three months. An average monthly income of at least $5,000, and a bank statement for the last three months.

The cost of this annual program is $287, in addition to valid health insurance in the UAE, and the application fee per person.


The Dubai Virtual Work Program allows people to use all services related to residence and work in Dubai, which include, but are not limited to, communications, opening bank accounts, education, etc., enabling them to lead their normal lives in a city that hosts more than 200 nationalities, noting That Dubai does not impose income tax on individuals.

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