Abu Dhabi: New benefits for holders of this residence

The Abu Dhabi Residents Office, affiliated to the Department of Economic Development, has announced cooperation with a network of its strategic partners in the emirate, to provide special benefits and offers to those holders of this residency in Abu Dhabi.

The advantages include offers from major companies in the automotive, hospitality, health insurance and other sectors.

The move comes within the framework of the office's endeavors to accelerate the integration of golden residency holders into the growing business community in Abu Dhabi, which has a positive impact in creating a tangible commercial and economic movement.

The cooperation of the Abu Dhabi Residents Office includes a group of actors in many economic sectors, especially the automotive, real estate, health care, hospitality, health insurance and banking sectors.
Hareb Al Muhairi, Acting Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Residents Office, said that the Department of Economic Development seeks to supplement the national economy system with all means and capabilities, which ensure the promotion of investments, trade and service areas in various vital sectors.

He added, "The golden residency represents an effective step in this direction, because of the new opportunities it holds."

Al Muhairi continued: “We have a responsibility to provide all facilities and privileges that benefit golden residency holders in order to improve their lives in Abu Dhabi, and to provide the appropriate environment for the prosperity of their businesses and their contributions to the emirate’s economy, for the benefit of them and their families. And thanks to our distinguished partnerships in the Abu Dhabi Residents Office,We offer golden residency holders many exclusive service and commercial offers and privileges. We are expanding the circle of offers and privileges outside the scope of golden residency holders as well, to include other categories of visas, thus enhancing Abu Dhabi’s position as a global center for the future economy.”

The privileges granted to golden residency holders include offers from major international brands, such as the automotive sector, through which it offers discounts on the latest car models, and priority in obtaining them, in addition to systems to facilitate payment, maintenance, issuance of licenses and other procedures.
In the hospitality sector, the Abu Dhabi Resident Office announced the availability of exclusive offers for golden residency holders and their families, to stay in high-end hotel facilities, as well as discounts on food, and the use of health resorts and gyms available in participating hotels.

The offers also include the field of health insurance, by granting special discounts on annual health insurance prices for families and individuals, which include various categories with coverage in a wide network of health care facilities inside and outside the UAE.

It is worth noting that the Abu Dhabi Residents Office has published a list of partnerships and services currently available to golden residency holders on its website adro.gov.ae.
The golden residency in Abu Dhabi is the first of its kind in the region that grants specialists, expertise and talents in several fields a long-term visa, extending to five or 10 years, within conditions that achieve compatibility between the emirate’s vision and development goals on the one hand, and qualified and specialized human cadres from On the other hand.

• «Economic Development» seeks to promote investments, trade and service areas in various vital sectors.