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An important statement from “Emirates Airlines” as of today, Friday, January 21
Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines stressed that it places the safety of customers on top of its priorities, and that it will never risk this matter.

And Emirates Airlines had suspended its flights to certain American destinations, based on the guidance of the US Federal Aviation Administration and the recommendations of “Boeing”, due to the possible interference between the antennas of the fifth generation networks “5G” and aircraft systems, in order to ensure the safety of operations that have the highest priority.

lifting restrictions

And Emirates Airlines announced that, after telecom operators delayed the date for the deployment of the fifth generation networks “5G” around airports in the United States, the US Federal Aviation Administration and the “American Boeing Company” issued official notices lifting restrictions on flight operations, enabling “Emirates Airlines” From restoring fully regular operations to all its destinations in the United States safely by tomorrow, Saturday, January 22nd.
Resume flights

Emirates Airlines stated that, starting today, Friday, January 21, it will resume operating its Boeing 777 flights to: Chicago, Dallas, Fort Worth, Miami, Newark, Orlando, and Seattle.

Emirates Airlines indicated that its services to Los Angeles, New York JFK, and Washington, DC, have not stopped, at a time when flights will return to: Boston, Houston, and San Francisco, on which the airline used the A380 aircraft. “Temporarily, on January 20 and 21, to operate Boeing 777 aircraft, starting from Saturday, January 22.

Emirates Airlines stated that it also operates Boeing 777 freighters to Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Columbus and Aguadilla, to transport exports and basic goods, such as food and essential medicines.

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