Announcing 3 new categories for licensing work in Dubai

Dr. Omar Al Muthanna, Executive Director of the Licensing and Oversight Sector at the Community Development Authority in Dubai, revealed to Al Bayan that the authority has introduced three new categories within the professional licensing system, in order to allow these categories to obtain a license and work in the service sector in the emirate.

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Al-Muthanna stated that these categories are, first, the profession of assistants and technicians for social therapists, which includes psychological and behavioral therapy, and secondly, the licensing project for professionals, who provide services in schools in cooperation with the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, such as special education teachers and learning support assistants.

As for the third category, it is licensing professionals working in establishments working in animal care, so that they can provide their services through an official platform that organizes this service sector, contribute to its empowerment and sustainability and support the Emirati society at the same time.

In detail, Dr. Omar Al-Muthanna explained that the authority previously allowed the licensing of specialists, and set standards for them, which are not compatible with some other categories such as assistants and technicians, such as the requirement to obtain a master’s degree in his field, and therefore they did not have the opportunity to obtain the professional license required to work in service centers .

He stressed that the authority is working closely with schools to license and rehabilitate cadres working in the social sector within these schools, which is a serious step on the path to developing their capabilities and providing them with an opportunity to prove their worth, noting that the initiative will constitute more features of success in the service sector. He said: The categories that will be licensed in schools are the social, behavioral and psychological specialist.

He added that workers in the field of animal care will also be licensed for the first time in Dubai, so that this sector can work within a regulatory framework, by granting it the status of a legal personality, in a way that contributes to its sustainability and providing its services to its recipients constantly within a legal and regulated framework, noting that 3 associations have been licensed. Until now.

He stressed that licensing the number of private establishments in Dubai witnessed a remarkable increase during the first half of this year, which is a positive indicator of economic recovery in Dubai society. In the first quarter of 2021, 75% of the number of establishments that were licensed during the entire past year 2020, and this It is considered an indicator of the start of recovery from the pandemic.

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