Determine the value of compensation for occupational diseases and work injuries in the UAE

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation has determined the value of compensation for occupational diseases and work injuries in the UAE

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The employer undertakes treatment and pays compensation to the worker

The employer in the UAE undertakes the treatment and compensation of the worker who has suffered any work injury or occupational disease.

Calculating the value of compensation for work injuries

The value of work injury compensation shall be according to the last basic wage earned by the worker after the issuance of the medical report and determination of disability percentages within a maximum period of 10 days.

Payment of compensation to the heirs of the worker

If the work injury or occupational disease leads to the death of the worker, compensation is paid to his heirs according to the legislation in force in the country, or according to what the worker determines before his death.

Compensation for work injuries

In the event that the work injury causes a partial disability: the worker shall be compensated with a percentage of the value of the permanent total disability equal to the percentages prescribed in Cabinet Resolution No. 33 of 2022.
In the event that the work injury causes permanent disability: the amount of compensation for the worker is the same amount due in the event of death, and in both cases, whether it is a total or partial disability, a specialized medical committee decides on it.

If the partial disability percentage is 25% and the last basic wage the worker received was 1,000 dirhams, the compensation will be calculated as follows:
Partial disability percentage x basic wage for a period of 24 months, i.e. 25% x 24 thousand dirhams = 6000 dirhams.

Cases of termination of the employment contract of the injured worker

It is mentioned that the employer must not terminate the work relationship and cancel the contract of the injured or occupationally ill worker until after he has received all his entitlements, and in the event that the worker wishes to cancel the work contract before the issuance of the report of the medical committees, his rights are preserved according to the report issued by the concerned committee.

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