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“Human Resources” closes 84 offices for violating the Domestic Workers Law
“Human Resources” closes 84 offices for violating the Domestic Workers Law

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation announced the closure of 84 offices across the country in violation of the Domestic Workers Law, in cooperation and coordination with the relevant local authorities.

The ministry explained that the closure of the offices came due to the practice of their activities despite the expiry of the licenses granted to them by the ministry, which suspended the procedures for renewing the licenses of the recruitment offices of domestic workers, whose owners did not reconcile their conditions in accordance with the provisions and provisions of the Domestic Workers Law and its executive regulations, after granting their owners sufficient time for that.

The move of the Ministry, along with its partners in the relevant local authorities, stems from the keenness to optimally implement the provisions of the Domestic Workers Law, including limiting negative practices committed by violating offices, which were reflected in the rights of those dealing with it from employers, national and resident families, and on domestic workers. .
The Ministry warned the owners of closed offices against returning to activity, explaining that legal measures will be taken against these offices, which are referring to the Attorney General, and fining their owners according to the articles of the law, in implementation of the Cabinet decision regarding service fees and administrative fines.

She called on employers, and national and resident families wishing to use and employ auxiliary workers, to deal with the centers approved by the ministry, to practice the activity of bringing this category of workers, and there are 62 centers at the state level, providing services to customers in line with the provisions of the Domestic Service Workers Law. and its executive regulations, in a manner that guarantees the rights of all parties.
The labor recruitment centers approved by the Ministry provide an integrated package of services to customers, through specific packages designed to meet the needs of employers and families, citizens and residents of the country.