Important Warning: Violations of the "Labour Law" can reach one million dirhams

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that Article 63 of Federal Decree-Law No. 33 of 2021 regarding the regulation of labor relations stipulates the application of a fine starting with 5,000 dirhams and not exceeding one million dirhams, against anyone who violates any of the provisions that do not include specific penalties in this The decree-law, its executive regulations and the decisions issued in implementation thereof.

She indicated that in the event of a return to committing any of the aforementioned violations, before the lapse of one year from the previous ruling against the perpetrator for a similar violation, the perpetrator shall be punished by imprisonment with a double fine in this Decree-Law or one of these two penalties.

The ministry clarified, in an indicative circular that it posted on its pages on social networking sites, that the rights stipulated in this decree by law represent the minimum rights of workers, and therefore these provisions do not prejudice any of the rights granted to the worker under any other legislation, agreement, approval, system or contract Work entitles the worker to rights that are more beneficial than the rights established under the provisions of this Decree-Law.

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