Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation: A law prohibits the employment of these citizens and expatriates without conditions

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed that the law regulating the federal labor relations of the UAE prohibits the employment of juveniles of both sexes, before the completion of fifteen years of age, stressing that it does not grant work permits to any Emirati juvenile, or a resident expatriate under the age of fifteen.

The ministry stated, in an indicative publication that it broadcast on its official platforms on social media, that the law allows juveniles between the ages of 15 and 18 to work under official work permits issued by the ministry, provided that the employer who wants to employ the juvenile has 6 conditions, including:
• Written consent of the juvenile's guardian, or whoever has guardianship or guardianship over him
• Certificate of health fitness for the required work issued by the relevant medical authorities
• According to the law, juveniles may not be employed at night (from 7 pm to 7 am)
• It is not permissible to employ a juvenile in industrial projects, or in work that is dangerous or harmful to health.
• The maximum actual working hours for juveniles shall be six hours per day, and the working hours shall include one or more periods of rest.
• Juveniles may not be assigned additional working hours or kept in the workplace beyond the scheduled appointments, nor may they be employed on rest days.
Previously, a “student juvenile” was not allowed to work in the UAE, but in 2016, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation issued Ministerial Resolution No. 713 of 2016 regarding the employment and training of students, which permitted students to practice work or work training in sector facilities Private, or existing and approved establishments for training purposes, in accordance with the internal work permits in force in the Ministry.
The ministerial decision allowed students between the ages of 15-18 to work under temporary work permits, and Emirati students and resident expatriates can join projects for a renewable period of six months. There are also work permits for students who wish to work part-time throughout the year. The permit can be obtained from one of the Tas’heel centers spread across the country, and through the ministry’s smart applications.
The training period for the juvenile is 3 months, ending with the expiry of this period. The work contract is filled out and the contract approved by both parties is submitted to the Ministry. The request is signed by the facility using the electronic signature card. In all cases of student employment, they are treated as ordinary workers who work in similar circumstances. In terms of entitlements and benefits, when employing or training a juvenile, he must abide by all controls, procedures, and permitted type of work in accordance with the legal regulations in force in the Ministry.