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Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed issues a law for workers in the private sector
Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed issues a law for workers in the private sector

His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, issued a Federal Decree Law No. 33 of 2021 regulating labor relations. Its provisions shall apply as of February 2, 2022 to all establishments, employers and workers in the private sector in the country, and the law is scheduled to be terminated. Federal No. 8 of 1980 regarding the regulation of labor relations as of the date of entry into force of the new law decree.

The Minister of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Dr. Abdul Rahman Al Awar, said during a media briefing organized by the ministry yesterday in Dubai, that the changes that have occurred in the world during the past period are great, especially technological developments that have become the language of the times, which has strengthened competition in the global labor market, which calls for modification and change. In the organized procedures, and achieving flexibility to keep pace with changes and to regulate the labor market better than before.

He stressed that the flexibility of transition in the labor market achieves a balance between the two sides of the labor relationship, and attracts professional cadres of citizens, explaining that the law, with its new amendments, sets controls and standards in the regulations for the transition.

He pointed out that the creation of work patterns is part of the flexibility of the law, including part-time work, so that the worker can work for more than one employer at the same time.

Al-Awar said that the decree-law is considered the largest update in the law regulating labor relations in the state in preparation for the next fifty-year stage through a system of future laws and legislation that respond to the requirements of this important stage of the state’s history, and to optimally deal with the changes in the world of work at the same time.

He said that the decree-law guarantees the rights of the two parties to the work relationship in a balanced manner and provides protection for both parties so that they can access and obtain these rights, pointing out that the law confirms the international labor obligations agreed upon by the UAE.

Al-Awar explained that the law also supports the capabilities and skills of workers in the private sector in a way that enhances the efficiency and productivity of the workforce in the labor market in the country, in parallel with emphasizing equality in obtaining or continuing a job and enjoying its rights. He affirmed the law's support for efforts to enhance the competitiveness of Emirati cadres in the labor market, as well as empowering women in the market.

In response to media questions, he said that the executive regulations are currently being prepared to regulate the practices of implementing the provisions of the decree-law, explaining that the decree gives flexibility to the Council of Ministers by granting it a package of competencies that will keep pace with current and future developments, which will enhance the speed of response to labor market changes. One of the most prominent new amendments in the law is the creation of new types of work that allow employers to meet their labor needs and benefit from their energies and productivity at the lowest operational costs, through part-time work, temporary work and flexible work in parallel with providing several options for employers to employ workers whose contracts have expired and who are in the country through easy and flexible procedures.

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