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The UAE government: 3 conditions for extending the residence visa for a widow, a divorcee, and their children for one year without a sponsor

The official portal of the government stated that the UAE allows the extension of residency for widows and divorced women and their children for a period of one year without a sponsor, from the date of death or divorce, and it is renewed for one time.

On its website, it identified three conditions and controls for extending the residence visa of the widow and divorced woman, which are that the residence of the widow or divorced woman and children be on the sponsorship of the deceased or divorced at the time of death or divorce, and that the residence of the widow or divorced woman and all children is valid at the time of death or divorce, and not to exceed The duration of the children's stay for the mother's residence.

On how to submit the application, the portal stated that the widow or divorced woman must submit a request to extend the residence through the approved channels of the General Administration of Residency and Foreigners Affairs, and attach the application with the following documents: proof of the occurrence of divorce or widowhood for the wife, proof of the availability of housing for the wife and children, proof of the ability to meet the needs The family’s livelihood, presentation of the medical examination certificate for the mother (widowed or divorced) and children over the age of 18, identity card, health insurance in force in some emirates of the country.

The fees applied, firstly, are the cancellation fee for the previous residencies of the widow, divorced and children of 100 dirhams for each residency, and the residency fee for each customer for one year is 100 dirhams, renewable once. It is noteworthy that the Council of Ministers approved, in June 2018, a decision to extend the residency of a widow or divorced woman and their children for a period of one year in the country from the date of the divorce or death of the husband, as part of the recent residency facilities package approved by the Council for visitors and residents of the country.

The decision aims to guarantee residency, giving them the opportunity to adjust their social and economic conditions, and to ensure that the family is able to support itself and fulfill the obligations resulting from the loss of the head of the family. The decision entered into force starting from the last quarter of the same year, and comes within the framework of the state's continuous efforts to develop government decisions and legislation, in a manner that suits the conditions of residents and visitors and meets their main needs.

The decision takes into account the humanitarian and exceptional conditions of widowed and divorced residents of the UAE, and contributes to facilitating their residency in the country after losing the head of the family, in a manner that maintains family stability and social cohesion, and enhances the status of the state as a second home for various residents from all countries of the world.

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