UAE: 4 measures that prevent the establishment from compensating the worker

The executive regulations of Federal Law by Decree No. 33 of 2021 on the organisation of labour relations set out four preventive measures through which the employer can be exempted from compensating the "negone" worker who is not bound by preventive instructions for work injury.

According to the regulation: "The worker is not entitled to compensation for the injury of the work, if the injury is proven that the injury occurred as a result of a deliberate violation of the preventive instructions, provided that the employer adheres to four controls or procedures, the first of which is to sensitise the worker to the instructions on the means of fire prevention and protect workers from the dangers that they may be exposed to while performing their work, and the second is to informing the worker before practising work of the dangers of his profession, and obliges him to use the prescribed means of prevention, and he must provide the appropriate personal prevention tools for workers and train them to use them to use them."

The list of four preventive measures also included "training the worker in the means of safety contained in the labour protection instructions, teaching the worker when using him the dangers of his profession and the means of prevention to be taken, and he must attach detailed written instructions in this regard in the workplace."

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