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UAE  5 foreigners sentenced to death
UAE 5 foreigners sentenced to death

The Ajman Criminal Court in the UAE has issued a death sentence for 5 Asians.

In the details, the Ajman Criminal Court in the UAE issued a death sentence for 5 Asians, on charges of killing an Asian businessman and stealing an amount of 109,000 dirhams from inside his house, with premeditation.

Four Asian defendants, aged 39, 25, 21, and 27, were sentenced to death in absentia, and a 26-year-old Asian was also sentenced to death for murdering a businessman. The court also issued a decision obligating them to pay a fine of 109,000 dirhams. Referring the civil claim to the competent civil court, according to Al-Bayan newspaper.

In the details of this case, a report was received to the police from an Asian man stating that his friend, the businessman, was absent, as the latter did not answer his phone, and did not open the apartment door when going to him, which prompted a police patrol to move to the residence of the absentee, and by inspecting the apartment, a gray refrigerator was seen. And it was observed that a person's foot came out of it and it was not sealed and it turned out that it was a dead body with traces of blood, and it was revealed that the person inside the refrigerator is the person absent in the report and is the owner of the building, according to the newspaper.

The investigations and research carried out by the security forces were able to uncover the perpetrators, who are 5 people who rented an apartment in the victim’s building.

The investigations indicated that they planned to kill and rob the victim because he was a businessman with sums of money inside his apartment, as 3 of them entered the apartment from the roof of the building through the air conditioning hatch, an hour before the victim entered, and searched the apartment, and they were able to find 109 thousand dirhams. And they waited for him inside the apartment, and after he entered, they stabbed him several times in different parts of his body, and after making sure of his departure from life, they washed the body and the apartment from the traces of blood, and put the body inside the refrigerator, and then left the victim’s apartment, and went to their apartment, changed their clothes and threw them in the trash. Outside the building, and then hide in another emirate and then headed to the airport to leave the country.

A circular was made to the accused, and it was found that 3 of them were on the plane and that it was on the runway, so the plane was stopped and the accused arrested.

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