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UAE: 85% of jobs will disappear.. what skills will the country need
UAE: 85% of jobs will disappear.. what skills will the country need

The activities of the Rewired Education Summit will be launched during the “Expo 2020 Knowledge and Education Week”, the fifth week of the topics organized by the international event during its convening period.

The summit will be held at the Dubai Exhibition Center for a period of three days (until December 14), to highlight the importance of ensuring universal access to education, and the need to modernize education for a prosperous and sustainable future. The summit will also discuss ways to address the main barriers to communication between all parties to reach the goals. desired. This came during a media briefing held yesterday at the Expo Media Center, in the presence of the Vice President of Communications, "Expo 2020 Dubai", Muhammad Al-Ansari, and the director of the "Rewired" platform, Annina Matson.

Mattson said: “The summit is part of the Rewired platform that brings together actors from all over the world to collectively address education challenges by exploring new approaches in line with the variables of the modern era, and providing an opportunity for participants to agree on a common vision and concrete actions. This summit is the most prominent educational event of the year.”

And she continued: “The ratios, announced by the World Economic Forum, indicate that 85% of the jobs we know today will disappear within 15 years, so what do we teach our children for? And what skills do they need? This is a concern for parents, and it is a concern for most of the developing world and low-income countries, where the education crisis has been very large and prolonged.”

As for the situation with regard to the reality imposed by the “Covid-19” pandemic, she said: “We have 450 million children out of school, and they do not have the skills required to face the changes that have occurred in the world, and the percentage of children at the age of 10 who cannot read, reaches 53. percent in low-income countries. During her speech, Mattson stressed the importance of teaching future generations the basic skills to face changes, so that they can arm themselves with them after they finish school. What they really need are critical thinking skills, flexibility towards change, and the ability to adapt and solve problems.

Share your opinion, what are the skills that the country will need in the future?

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