UAE: A week off from Monday in these places

Several places in the United Arab Emirates announced a week off, starting from Monday.

Where private schools in Abu Dhabi informed the students’ families to suspend studies for a whole week, starting from next Monday until Friday, and described the decision as the mid-term vacation of the second semester, noting that the vacation starts from February 14, while students return to their classrooms on Monday 21 February.
The schools indicated that although there was an announcement from the authorities yesterday that public places can return to their full capacity as of mid-February, schools that implement the hybrid education model are still waiting for guidance from the Department of Education and Knowledge to see if they can also return to the school. In the meantime, it will reach its full capacity, indicating that it will communicate with the students' families in the event of any changes that may occur to the learning system during the vacation period.
The Department of Education and Knowledge confirmed that it has determined the school calendar and the minimum teaching hours, not to be less than 175 school days in one school year. Department approval.

The Department of Education and Knowledge clarified, in the Private Schools Policies Manual, that schools are committed to submitting the annual school calendar to obtain the department’s approval within the specified period, and to inform school staff, students and parents about the annual school calendar.