UAE: Cases that allow the employer to dismiss the worker without warning

There are cases that allow the employer to dismiss the worker without notice in the United Arab Emirates. Lawyer Badr Abdullah Khamis explains that there are specific cases in which the employer has the right to dismiss the worker without warning, after conducting a written investigation with him, and the dismissal decision is in writing and reasoned, and the employer or his representative delivers it about it to the worker,

The most prominent of these cases is the fact that the worker has impersonated another person, or submitted forged certificates or documents. And committing a mistake that resulted in a serious loss, or deliberately damaging the property of the business owner. The worker’s violation of the facility’s instructions, provided that he was informed of them. And the worker’s failure to perform his basic duties in accordance with the work contract, despite a written investigation with him, and warning him twice of dismissal if this is repeated.

The worker's disclosure of work secrets resulted in losses to the employer. Or the worker’s presence during working hours in a state of apparent drunkenness, or the use of a drug, or the worker committed an immoral act in the workplace. The worker’s assault on the employer, the manager in charge, one of his superiors, or his co-workers, by word or deed, or any form of punishable assault.

Absence of the worker without a legitimate reason or an excuse accepted by the employer for more than 20 intermittent days during one year, or more than seven consecutive days, or illegally exploiting his job position to obtain results and personal gains, and finally joining another facility without adhering to the controls and procedures established in that matter.

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