UAE government: 10 tips for citizens and residents to get a job in the country

The official website of the government of the United Arab Emirates has provided 10 tips that help young graduates of national cadres and residents in the country who are looking for job opportunities to get the right job in any of the work sectors

It includes writing a resume and a letter, presented in an appropriate and reliable manner, keeping the resume updated with any new and useful information, persevering in the search process regularly and not giving up easily, checking the identity of the email from which the job seeker receives job offers.

The list also included refraining from paying any money requested by the recruitment company, being familiar with both Arabic and English, continuing to provide knowledge, information and developments related to work, being realistic about the potential job return in his field of work, making sure to build a network of knowledge and professional relationships and attending Events and job fairs, and to provide the job seeker with general information and knowledge about the region and its work systems.

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