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UAE High expectations of salary increase this year 2022
UAE High expectations of salary increase this year 2022

The Middle East and North Africa Salary Survey 2022, conducted by, a Middle East job site, in cooperation with YouGov, a market research organization, revealed the perceptions and impressions of employees in the region about the salaries and incentives offered to them in their companies.

The survey showed that about two-thirds of respondents in the UAE believe that salaries will either increase or remain the same, while a high number of 52% of respondents expected to receive an increase in their salaries during 2022.
51% of the respondents said that their current salary package includes the basic salary in addition to benefits, while 33% of them stated that it includes the basic salary only, while 16% said that the salary package includes the basic salary, benefits and commissions.
The most common benefits that employees receive in the UAE are: personal health insurance, which 36% say they get, annual personal airfare (31%), and company-provided housing (22%).

On the other hand, 60% of respondents said that their company currently offers end of service benefits, while 11% of respondents said that they receive a retirement pension, while 9% receive other types of benefits.
As for the preferred wage structure, 62% of those who responded to the questionnaire preferred a fixed wage structure of 100%, while about 28% preferred to have a partially fixed wage structure with a variable wage that includes commissions and incentives.

59% said they are able to save part of their monthly income, while 56% said they transfer a percentage of their savings to their home country.

Among respondents who make regular financial investments, 23% said they invest in their own business.

With regard to quality of life, about seven out of 10 respondents (69%) in the UAE believe that they are better off, or living at a level similar to the members of their generation in their country of residence.