UAE: The most in-demand jobs and skills during 2022

We publish about the most in-demand jobs and skills during 2022, as the “Job Opportunities Index” recently conducted by for jobs in the Middle East, in cooperation with the market research company YouGov, revealed that more than three-quarters of employers (76 %) in the UAE intend to hire new employees during 2022.

According to the index, most companies in the country are looking for “good communication skills in English and Arabic” (57%), the ability to work in a team (46%), the ability to work under pressure (41%), in addition to good leadership skills ( 38%).

the most wanted According to the index, the jobs of: marketing executive (18%), sales executive (18%), accountant (17%), and sales manager (17%) are the most sought-after job roles by employers in the UAE during the second quarter of 2022. 34% of respondents said they are looking for candidates with sales and marketing experience, while 31% said they are looking for candidates with intermediate experience, while 30% of employers are looking for candidates with managerial experience (the ability to manage a team). In turn, business administration (32%), engineering (29%) and commerce (22%) degrees are the most sought-after academic qualifications by employers in the UAE.

According to the results of the index, the expectations for job seekers across the Middle East and North Africa appear “positive”, as employers in various sectors show their desire to hire in the short term. And the sectors: human resources (68%), “hospitality / entertainment” (67%), and “banking / financial services” (65%) topped the list of sectors most likely to be hired during the next three months. In addition, 46% of UAE companies planning to hire in the next three months will fill a maximum of five vacancies, while 19% will fill between six and 10 job vacancies.

In turn, the banking/financial services sectors (34%), advertising/marketing/public relations (34%), and information technology/internet/e-commerce (34%) emerged as the most attractive sectors for talent in the UAE. The banking/financial services sector has emerged as the most attractive to local talent (38%), recent graduates (39%), and women talent (38%).

For his part, Director of Research at YouGov, Zafer Shah, said: "The future looks bright for job seekers in the Middle East and North Africa, as the region is gradually recovering from the effects of the (Covid-19) pandemic." He added, "Effective vaccines against the virus with the return of employees to their offices have positively affected employment trends, as the first job opportunity index for the current year, which highlights the set of skills and jobs required, showed positive results."

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