Urgent.. The Ministry of Human Resources regarding moving to another job during the “trial period”

The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation confirmed the right of the employer to appoint any employee for a trial period of not more than six months from the date of starting work, provided that the period of work is under probation only once with one employer, pointing out that if the employee successfully passed the probation period and continued to work and it shall be counted within the period of service.

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The ministry stated, in response to questions from visitors to its official website, that if the employer wants to terminate the employee’s service during the probation period, he must notify the employee in writing 14 days before the date of termination, while in the case of the employee’s desire to move, to work for another employer in the country. During the probationary period, he must notify the original employer in writing for a period of no less than one month from the date of his desire to terminate the contract, and the new employer is obligated to compensate the original employer with the costs of recruitment or contracting with the employee, unless agreed otherwise.

According to the ministry, in the event that the employee wishes to terminate the employment contract, during the probationary period, to leave the country, he must notify the employer in writing 14 days in advance.

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