Urgent UAE: Announcing the most in-demand jobs in the country during the coming period

In an important step to expand the recruitment process and increase the labor market in the country, employers in the United Arab Emirates plan to hire about 72% of people with different skills during the current year.

According to the details we have received, the Middle East Employment Opportunity Index, which was recently conducted by Bayt.com, in cooperation with the “YouGov” organization specialized in market research, revealed that more than seven out of ten employers (72%) in the UAE plan to hire employees. And he renewed this year, noting that most companies in the country are looking for good communication skills in English and Arabic (52%), the ability to work in a team (48%), and good leadership skills (43%).

The index, which is an in-depth study aimed at measuring job availability and prevailing hiring trends, also showed that the jobs of customer service representative (25%), sales manager (19%), human resource manager (17%) and receptionist (17%), are among the The most popular jobs. Applications in the United Arab Emirates during the coming period. According to the results of the survey published by (Emirates Today) newspaper, on which the index was based, degrees in business administration (34%), engineering (28%) and information technology (17%) emerged as the most sought-after. - After academic qualifications by state employers.

38% of employers who participated in the survey also reported that they are looking for candidates with management experience (the ability to manage a team), 31% said they are looking for candidates with average experience, and 24% are looking for candidates with sales experience. and marketing. It should be noted that good communication skills appeared in both English and Arabic (52%), followed by the ability to work in a team (48%), good leadership skills (43%), and the ability to work under pressure (37%). ), as the most in-demand skill in the region.

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