Bahrain removes India and three countries from the red list

Bahrain: Universities announce granting fees up to 50%

Bahrain: Construction of a service street in the southern Bahrain development project

Urgent.. Bahrain: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs condemns the shooting incident

Bahrain: Thwarting an attempt to smuggle 205,429 Captagon pills

UAE: A statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation condemning the terrorist attacks

Bahrain: A number of violating workers were arrested in an inspection campaign in the Northern Governorate

Bahrain: Important statement from Hajj and Umrah affairs

Bahrain: Nationality and Passport Affairs announces the launch of a new service for residents and citizens

Hamdan bin Mohammed issues a decision regarding the organization of prayer places in Dubai

UAE: Pre-approval is not required for residents to enter the country

Bahrain: The Ministry of Works announced the closure of this tunnel next Friday

The UAE condemns the targeting of Abha airport by a booby-trapped drone

Bahrain: Civil Aviation Affairs updates the list of red countries by adding 11 countries and listing one country

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses the sympathy of the Kingdom of Bahrain with the Republic of Tunisia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expresses its deepest condolences and sympathy to the Kingdom of Bahrain over the victims of the plane crash

The Minister of Works reviews the development projects in the fifth of the capital

Passports Citizens can apply for visas on their personal guarantee

Conditions for the return of residents to the UAE

Bahrain: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on all citizens in Lebanon to leave immediately

UAE: Re-opening women's chapels in the mosques of the Emirate of Sharjah

Bahrain: New standards for the promotions of teachers and will be used as of January 1st

Bahrain: Announcing three new services in the system of electronic customer service centers

Bahrain: Civil Aviation announces the cancellation of the red list system starting next Sunday