Urgent.. The launch of the Abu Dhabi Career Fair 2022

UAE government: 10 tips for citizens and residents to get a job in the country

UAE: Appointing a trainee who proves his competence in government agencies

Dubai: Providing full-time jobs and salaries starting from 10,000 dirhams up to 40,000 dirhams

Abu Dhabi: 100% localization of this sector, and work in it is restricted to citizens

An integrated program to employ thousands of citizens in the tourism sector

Jobs for citizens in “specialized communications” with salaries from 10 thousand to 40 thousand dirhams

60 training vacancies with a salary of up to 10 thousand dirhams per month

UAE: Employing 3,103 citizens in the private sector within 4 months

UAE: Announcing vacancies for residents in 14 majors in Abu Dhabi

Vacancies in 14 specializations with a private entity in Abu Dhabi for citizens and residents

UAE: 25,000 new job opportunities in 5 sectors in the country

Intensive efforts by municipality cadres to face the repercussions of fluctuating weather conditions

UAE: Emiratisation of three job categories in the banking sector

UAE: A government plan to localize 3 job categories and limit their work to citizens only

UAE: job opportunities through the “Dubai Jobs” platform for this category

UAE: Urgent.. The opening of the first phase of electronic registration for employment in the private sector

UAE Opening the first phase of electronic registration to promote work in the private sector

Fly Dubai opens the door for employment again

flydubai opens the door for employment again with the expansion of its operations

Emirati companies tend to increase the number of employees and raise salaries

UAE: New conditions for the payment of bonuses to workers in the private sector

UAE: Distance education today and tomorrow in some state schools

Abu Dhabi Police mourns four of its cadres... who died in the line of duty