The Emirates announces new conditions for the return of residents, which will apply starting tomorrow

UAE: The Emergency and Crisis Management Committee announces the cancellation of the corona examination, starting tomorrow

UAE: Stop using the electronic bracelet for home quarantine

UAE: The Ministry of Health announces that there is no obligation to wear a muzzle in these places

UAE: Warnings of symptoms that need treatment in children in the recovery stage from Corona

Abu Dhabi Emergency Management adopts the “Blue Schools” initiative

UAE: Re-opening women's chapels in the mosques of the Emirate of Sharjah

The President of the State issues 3 federal decrees regarding the National Emergency and Crisis Authority"

UAE: The President of the State issues 3 federal decrees regarding the "National Emergency and Crisis Authority"

An important warning from the UAE Ministry of Interior to all citizens and expatriates in the country

Warnings of actions that people should avoid during heavy rain and thunderstorms

UAE An important warning from the National Emergency Crisis and Disaster Management Authority for individuals while they are at home when there is thunder

UAE: New conditions for entering the country through land ports

UAE: Updating the entry protocol for those coming to the country through these ports

Urgent: UAE announces suspension of entry for arrivals from 7 countries

An important statement from Emergency and Crises to all citizens and residents in Abu Dhabi

UAE: 85% of jobs will disappear in the coming years

Urgent The UAE announces the suspension of entry for arrivals and tightens travel restrictions on a number of countries

The UAE announces a protocol for celebrating Christmas and New Year's

Urgent: The UAE implements the green traffic system at the national level

Urgent.. The UAE suspends entry to arrivals from these countries

Urgent: The UAE suspends entry to travelers from these countries

Emergency and Crisis Management announces the conditions for holding community events in closed and open places

A fine of 3 thousand dirhams for non-compliance with wearing a mask