UAE: 300,000 dirhams in support for the employee in the private sector

UAE: A fine of 10,000 dirhams for anyone who does this simple act

UAE: Demanding banks to cancel the minimum balance fee

Emirates: Mohammed bin Rashid approves a historic housing budget in Dubai

Adoption of a historical housing budget in Dubai

UAE: Beware.. Imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand dirhams for this act

Imprisonment of gang members who stole a company in cooperation with its employees

Urgent: Mohammed bin Rashid approves raising the value of the housing loan for citizens

Dubai announces a reduction in the value of the property necessary for those who want to obtain residency

UAE: 20 thousand dirhams in compensation for a young man who was assaulted

The UAE Public Prosecution warns of imprisonment and a fine of no less than 150 thousand dirhams for anyone who does this

UAE: 400 dirhams violating defaced vehicle plates

Real estate companies announce reduction of rents and exemption from the value of insurance

Abu Dhabi Delivery of about 5 million dirhams to 84 workers

The UAE provides two types of transit visas for transit travelers

UAE .. 171 million dirhams spent on marriage grants

Abu Dhabi Court obliges a company to pay compensation to a worker

Mohammed bin Rashid announces a rare job opportunity

A fine of 2000 dirhams for a woman who posted her husband’s phone number on Instagram

Mohammed bin Rashid approves raising the value of the housing loan

«Finance»: 7.4 billion dirhams, an increase in compensation for workers

A financial reward of 32 million dirhams was paid to those residing in Dubai

Raising the financial value of the Mohammed bin Zayed Award for the best teacher to 2.9 million dirhams.. and these new conditions

300,000 dirhams in compensation for a wrong medical diagnosis