UAE: Stop using the electronic bracelet for home quarantine

UAE: Beware.. Imprisonment and a fine of 250 thousand dirhams for this act

The UAE Public Prosecution warns of imprisonment and a fine of no less than 150 thousand dirhams for anyone who does this

Dubai Police rescues a girl from the trap of an electronic blackmailer

UAE: Issuing multi-entry tourist visas for all nationalities with a validity period of five years

UAE: Introducing a system of multiple-entry tourist visas for all nationalities

The UAE announces free visas for these categories of different nationalities

Passports Citizens can apply for visas on their personal guarantee

UAE: Providing electronic residency and card renewal, and a 30-day grace period to stay legally in the country

Bahrain: Announcing three new services in the system of electronic customer service centers

Bahrain: Urgent.. His Majesty the King issues a law on electronic transactions

Bahrain and Saudi Arabia activate the electronic link of the health passport

Important warning harassers lure children through websites to sell toys

UAE Opening the first phase of electronic registration to promote work in the private sector

UAE: Urgent.. The opening of the first phase of electronic registration for employment in the private sector

Bahrain: Adding electronic traffic services that do not require holding a driver's license and vehicle ownership

UAE: December 31, last date to benefit from the facilities to redefine these fines

Four important tips from Dubai Police to avoid electronic fraud

UAE: Launching an electronic portal for the law regulating time-sharing

The first digital calendar of its kind in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Ras Al Khaimah Police launches a service to pay traffic fines in installments

Urgent.. Human Resources issues a new decision regarding labor accommodation

Bahrain: 7 years imprisonment for a public employee after embezzling the funds of his employer and changing the electronic system data

Bahrain: Qualifying students to obtain certificates in digital skills