The UAE announces two new residency systems

UAE issues free residency for self employed workers

flydubai gives travelers to the emirate a free ticket to visit the Expo

Abu Dhabi Police activates the automatic monitoring system for violators of the stop sign

The Emirates announces a new path and an integrated system for residency in the country

The Emirates announces new conditions for the return of residents, which will apply starting tomorrow

The Meteorological Center's forecast for the Emirates weather tomorrow

UAE: The Cabinet announces an urgent ministerial decision

Emirates Airlines launches the first daily service for passengers, starting in October

⛔Urgent: Emirates Airlines opens the door to employment for 3,500 people

Urgent: Etihad Airways announces 50% discount on tickets from today until September 23rd

UAE: An important statement from the Ministry of the Interior to citizens

UAE: The Central Bank issues important and urgent warnings

Urgent: His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid issues an important law for all citizens to support projects

Emirates Airlines announces 78 weekly flights to the United States

Emirates: Mohammed bin Rashid approves a historic housing budget in Dubai

Emirates banks announce new and distinctive banking services for all residents

Urgent: Emirates Airlines applies the IATA passport across continents to its customers

flydubai announces the addition of a new destination to its flights from the Emirates

Emirates Airlines announces an increase in the number of travel destinations to 27 cities

UAE: The President, Vice President and Mohamed bin Zayed offer their condolences to the King of Morocco

UAE: Announcing the most in-demand jobs during the coming period ..Details

430 locations to watch the opening ceremony of "Expo 2020 Dubai" across the Emirates

Dubai announces a reduction in the value of the property necessary for those who want to obtain residency