The UAE condemns in the strongest terms the burning of a Holy Quran in Sweden.

UAE: Conditions for a citizen or foreigner to be entitled to unemployment compensation

Payment of financial compensation to employees upon unemployment

Urgent.. Reducing the speed on Abu Dhabi Al-Ain Road

Identity and Nationality: The work exploration visa is up to 120 days and is available to all nationalities

UAE: The long-awaited day for ex-pats and residents of the country

Mohamed bin Zayed announces a pleasant surprise for the children of families benefiting from social assistance

Bahrain: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers condolences for the victims of a plane crash for peacekeepers forces

UAE.. A statement regarding the working hours on Friday

Bahrain: Opening the door for civilians to volunteer to join the reserve force

12 types of "work permits" that regulate the employment of citizens and expatriates in the "private"... Get to know them

Types of "work permits" that regulate the employment of citizens and residents in the "private" sector

Bahrain: Royal Decree to promote a number of officers, individuals and civilians

UAE: One year deadline for private sector workers to transfer their contracts

An important announcement from the Ministry of Labor regarding employment contracts for employees in the “private” sector

UAE Good news for all workers in the private sector, starting from Wednesday

The new Law “Regulating Labor Relationships” will take effect from Wednesday

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Bahrain: Smuggling a domestic worker and forcing her to work on an hourly basis.

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Mohammed bin Zayed and Mohammed bin Salman discuss brotherly relations

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Kings and world leaders congratulate UAE leaders on the fiftieth anniversary of the union

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