Urgent.. Mohammed bin Rashid announces the launch of the "The Most Beautiful Winter in the World" season

Urgent.. Cabinet approves sabbatical leave (for self-employment)

UAE: Announcing 60,000 jobs in the (private sector) in the coming period

Bahrain: A special statement for early retirement... an increase of 3% for retirees

Emirates: Discussion of a draft law regulating places of worship

Announcing the mechanism for subscribing to the “providing fund” for Dubai government foreign employees

UAE: 10,000 jobs will be offered in the coming period in these sectors

The Central Bank approves 5,000 jobs for citizens in the banking sector

Mohammed bin Rashid meeting with the Cabinet to announce happy decisions

Bahrain: Amendments to the rights of retirees and insured persons

Bahrain: Employment of male and female graduates of bachelor’s and master’s degrees in all state ministries

Bahrain: The Minister of Labor announces an increase in the average per capita income and an increase in the minimum wage

Bahrain: Learn about the benefits of the new wage protection system

The UAE calls for an urgent meeting of the Security Council

Mohammed bin Rashid approves a new sports law in the country

Dubai: An important decision to citizens and residents, and a fine of 3000 dirhams for each violator

UAE: Employing more than 2,360 citizens in 90 days

Bahrain: The House of Representatives approves an increase in social security and an amendment to the value-added law

Bahrain: An important statement from the Council of Ministers regarding the new mutator of the Corona virus

UAE: Cabinet decides to start testing self-driving cars

Bahrain: The amendment of the “added value” will take place through discussion and approval by the legislative authority