Saudi weather .. An important warning to all citizens and residents, and thunderstorms in these areas

UAE: An important warning to citizens and residents, starting today

Meteorology announces the expected weather during Eid days

Meteorology: A drop in temperatures and rain in the middle of the week

The Meteorological Department urges road users to be careful

The National Center of Meteorology forecasts the UAE weather tomorrow

Warnings from the National Center of Meteorology for road users and motorists

An earthquake is felt by the residents of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

5.0-magnitude earthquake felt by residents of Dubai, Sharjah and Ajman

UAE: The National Center of Meteorology's forecast for tomorrow's weather

UAE: Warnings of dusty weather with high temperatures

Bahrain: Meteorology announces chances of rain on Friday and Saturday

The National Meteorological Center forecasts rain for tomorrow

UAE: Tomorrow .. lower temperatures and cloudy weather

National Meteorological Center forecasts for weather in the coming days

A drop in “heat” .. and a “very turbulent” sea at the end of the week

The National Meteorological Department warns all citizens of low horizontal visibility at these times

Meteorology: a gradual decrease in “temperature” from today

UAE: Warning to citizens and residents inside the country, starting today

"Meteorology" warns against going to the sea and roads in these areas

Emirates weather An important warning to all citizens and residents today and tomorrow

Meteorology warns of temperatures dropping to 1 degree Celsius

Urgent the expected weather in the Emirates until next Thursday

Weekly weather: rain, a drop in “temperatures” and turbulence in the sea