Etihad Airways announces a special service for passengers on its airlines

Bahrain: Universities announce granting fees up to 50%

Emirates Airlines launches the first daily service for passengers, starting in October

Bahrain: Construction of a service street in the southern Bahrain development project

UAE: A decrease in the prices of seven commodity and service groups and a rise in others.. Get to know them

The worker is entitled to an end of service gratuity even if the contract does not stipulate it

Bahrain: Re-opening of the Identity card center in Muharraq

Bahrain: Nationality and Passport Affairs announces the launch of a new service for residents and citizens

Availability of online communication services at Expo for free

UAE: A statement from the Central Bank regarding employment and salaries

UAE: Exempting the insured at the "Abu Dhabi Pension Agency" from the cost of adding previous years of service during this period only

A statement from Abu Dhabi Pensions for those who received end of service benefits

Emirates Health provides a service to issue a birth certificate through "WhatsApp"

«Finance»: 7.4 billion dirhams, an increase in compensation for workers

UAE: Urgent appeal to both pensioners and social security holders

Bahrain: Announcing three new services in the system of electronic customer service centers

Announcing 3 new categories for licensing work in Dubai

Abu Dhabi Police invites the public to take advantage of the fines installment initiative

Abu Dhabi Police calls for benefiting from the fines installment initiative

Bahrain: The Ministry of Transport and Communications begins launching a service for residency

You must delete it from your phone immediately .. Google bans a popular application

"Human Resources" in the Emirates is looking to develop the services of employers and workers

UAE: The State Public Prosecution clarifies the provisions of community service

Dubai residence automatically renews citizens' passports and sends them to their homes