Today's weather in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain: Meteorological forecasts for the Kingdom's weather today

Today's forecast in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain: Cloudy weather today with a chance of thunderstorms

A drop in temperatures in the Emirates during the coming days

Meteorology: The weather is expected today in the Kingdom of Bahrain

Bahrain: The weather is relatively cold and partly cloudy with rising dust

Bahrain: Air depressions starting from Saturday result in heavy rain

Bahrain: Meteorologists warn of thunderstorms and strong winds

North winds dominate the UAE's atmosphere during January

Weather forecast in the Emirates from Sunday to Thursday

Weather forecast with a statement of temperatures in the Emirates tomorrow

Bahrain weather: cumulus clouds approaching from the west towards the Kingdom, and the phenomenon of lightning is observed

Emirates weather: a slight rise in temperatures .. and "moderate" weather

Weekly weather: rain, a drop in “temperatures” and turbulence in the sea

Urgent .. the temperature drops to zero

Meteorology: a gradual decrease in “temperature” from today

A drop in “heat” .. and a “very turbulent” sea at the end of the week

A new mechanism for visitors to enter government hospitals, starting next Sunday

Rainy days await Bahrain, starting from next Saturday

UAE: Tomorrow .. lower temperatures and cloudy weather

UAE: A deceptive rise in temperatures followed by a cold wave

UAE: Warnings of dusty weather with high temperatures

UAE: The National Center of Meteorology's forecast for tomorrow's weather