Bahrain: The Ministry of Health announces the conditions for obtaining the booster dose of the Corona vaccine

Bahrain: Availability of the booster dose for Pfizer Kofishield Sputnik vaccinations for the age group of 18 years and over

Bahrain: A statement from the Ministry of Health regarding the booster dose will be implemented starting tomorrow

UAE: Applying “Green Traffic” to school students

Bahrain: Seasonal influenza vaccination does not conflict with corona vaccination, but on one condition

Abu Dhabi Emergency Management adopts the “Blue Schools” initiative

A special statement for Emirates Airlines for all its customers

Bahrain: Civil Aviation announces the cancellation of the red list system starting next Sunday

UAE: A rise in housing prices at the start of the new year

Emergencies and crises update the entry procedures to Abu Dhabi

Amending the procedures for addressing “Covid 19” in the federal government

Bahrain: Update the list of health centers to take the anti-Corona vaccination and the booster dose

The UAE government announces the conversion of study to the distance education system

Launching a new feature in “Al Hosn” for vaccination in private schools

Bahrain: Restaurants fined 21,000 dinars, and shops closed

Bahrain: Reducing the home quarantine for people infected with Corona, starting from tomorrow

Corona examination centers in Abu Dhabi receive students without adherence to the “school code”

Bahrain: An initiative to register children from 5 to 11 years old to receive the “Pfizer-Biontech” vaccination

Important alert from the UAE Embassy in London for travelers to England

IATA calls on governments to ease travel restrictions

"Dubai Health" begins vaccinating children from 5 to 11 years old against Covid-19

Gulf Air announces that there is no need for a “PCR” test before boarding the plane

Three reasons to vaccinate your child against Covid -19

Dubai cancels capacity restrictions on events and occasions