UAE : Ministry of Interior steps to pay traffic fines

Description of the traffic fines payment service: Through this electronic service, driving license holders and vehicle owners can pay traffic fines.

Electronic services, which include paying traffic fines:

- Attach the attachments (if any) - Electronic payment (if there are fees) - Receipt of outputs if there is an exit (electronically or through delivery companies).

Traffic Fines Payment Service Requirements:

Emirates ID - driving license - vehicle ownership.

Details of traffic fines payment service fees:

Federal fees: none Local fees: none Other: none

Payment method for paying traffic fines:

Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard) and e-dirham

Terms and conditions for the traffic fines payment service:

There are no conditions or provisions that exclude the service of paying traffic fines.

Working hours for providing the electronic service for paying traffic fines:

Customer Happiness Centers: According to the working hours of the service center Traffic fines payment service website: around the clock Smart app: around the clock

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