A poor couple used to travel first class with a “simple” trick

Air hostess Rachel Sullivan has revealed a way to go to first class for free and get other extra privileges on board.

And the "Dailynationtoday" website quoted hostess Rachel Sullivan as saying that she traveled with her husband for several years in the first class, although she is relatively poor, and they took advantage of one trick that succeeded with them continuously. Recently, they are doing everything they can to make their trip more comfortable.

Describing her trick, Sullivan said, "My husband and I sewed two sweaters for our honeymoon. Now when we fly anywhere, we wear them, and every time we feel comfortable and cheerful.”

And the flight attendant published two photos that she attached to her post, one of which was sitting with her husband in the first class of the plane, and the second with a bottle of champagne and nuts given to them by the crew members.

Commentators admired the flight attendant's trick, and some described her as clever, and others expressed their desire to go through such an experience as well, and even wear full wedding dresses to get privileges on board.