A statement from "Emirates Airlines" regarding the new fares for tickets

A spokesman for "Emirates Airlines" said: The airline was affected, like other carriers, by the increase in fuel prices. "In light of this, we have slightly adjusted prices across our network."

The spokesman added to "Emirates Today", "We are closely monitoring developments in fuel prices, which currently and in the foreseeable future represent the largest component of operating costs, and are working as much as possible to reduce the impact of the rising costs of jet fuel on our customers."
He stated that Emirates Airlines "will constantly review ticket prices, and adjust when necessary in line with market dynamics, the competitive environment, seasonal effects, the recovery of travel demand, consumer booking patterns, jet fuel prices, and other factors."

He stressed that despite the recent amendments, we are confident that our prices are competitive and provide high value, in addition to our strict health and safety measures, booking flexibility, and free COVID-19 insurance coverage to support our customers.