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Degree | Australian educational system details
Degree | Australian

Degree and the quality of education there is unparalleled. Make sure that you will obtain a university qualification that is internationally recognized as widely as possible, and you can get excellent employment opportunities. Australian universities are well known for their research and training methodologies, and this makes them a popular destination among international students.

Australia offers a wide variety of courses – you can choose from 22,000 types of courses available at more than 1,100 educational institutions. In addition, Australia has five of the best student cities in the world: Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and Brisbane.

Australian education system levels (Degree)

The Australian education system consists of three levels with the main levels of education being primary, secondary and tertiary. The following is an overview of the different levels and qualifications available under the AQF:

Levels and qualifications according to the Australian (Degree)

Level 1Certificate
Level TwoCertificate II
Level IIICertificate III
Fourth levelfourth certificate
Fifth leveldiploma
Sixth leveladvanced diploma, associate degree
Seventh levelBachelor's degree
Eighth levelBachelor's degree with honors, Postgraduate Certificate, Postgraduate Diploma
Ninth levelmaster's degree
Tenth leveldoctoral degree