The date of the Spain match against Morocco in the 2022 World Cup

And after an unexpected surprise from the Japanese national team by defeating Spain, the Atlantic Lions collided with the runner-up of the group, in which the Spanish national team came to be a strong match and a new opportunity for Arab participation to reach the quarter-finals of the World Cup.

Morocco match against Spain

The Moroccan national team is playing a heavy-caliber historic match against Spain in the round of 16 of the Qatar World Cup 2022, which is the match that the Arab world awaits to stand behind the representative of the Arab national team, Spain, after Morocco succeeded in achieving history and leading its group in the World Cup, which included Belgium and the runner-up in the world ranking. And Croatia, runners-up in the World Cup.

The date of the Morocco and Spain match in the round of 16

The Moroccan national team will meet Spain next Tuesday at the Education City Stadium at 19:00 pm UAE time, which is the same day that witnesses Portugal's match with Switzerland at the end of the round of 16 of the World Cup and before the start of the quarter-final stage next Friday.

The Moroccan national team topped Group Six in the World Cup with 7 points, the largest score for an Arab team in the history of the World Cup, and the runner-up of Group E faces Spain.

The date of the Morocco and Spain match, UAE time
Morocco - Spain (19:00)

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