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Warning .. These phrases are forbidden for passengers to use on the plane!
Warning .. These phrases are forbidden for passengers to use on the plane!

Passengers on board tend to joke with flight attendants, but an aviation expert warns that certain words are not allowed on board because the consequences can be dire.

And according to “Best Live”, aviation expert Willis Orlando said that it is strictly forbidden to make jokes about violence, terrorism or hijacking a plane, and jokes about the Corona epidemic are not funny and unwanted.

He said, "Jokes about Corona, about masks, asked for an exception to the rules for wearing masks - the hosts are working hard, and the last thing they want is to ask whether you are joking or serious about your intent to comply with the law or not... You might think that's cute and funny, but they They work really hard. So leave them alone."
The worst phrase you can say while flying is "I'm drunk," Orlando said, warning against saying it to the flight attendant on the plane.

He added: "Yes, even if you're obviously kidding, because it's not funny. People tend to be happy and cheerful when talking to flight attendants. But it's a very bad idea. Under federal law, they can get you off a plane if you're drunk. The law prohibits you from drinking any alcohol. You bring it from home, to prevent passengers from getting drunk on the plane."
He noted that "the consequences of such a joke may be broader and that the flight attendants will stop serving you if they think you are drunk, but not only that, they can prevent you from boarding your connecting flight and also put you on the list of passengers in trouble - all It's just a simple joke."

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