What are the things allowed to be “stolen” from hotel rooms and guests are not asked about?!

The phenomenon of carrying small things from a hotel room is a common habit among all the peoples of the world, and among all guests, even if they are of high material levels, or of wealthy people. Guests often feel strange pleasure when carrying these things.

Psychology justifies it with multiple theories. Traveling and staying in hotels is one of the best and most relaxing experiences for most people, and comes with many pleasant luxuries that often cannot be obtained at home in this arrangement and pampering, such as the availability of refreshing toiletries to comfortable slippers, scented folded towels and bars of soap wrapped in exciting and soft shapes.

According to the British Mirror newspaper, there are some items that guests have the right to take with them while leaving the hotels without any problems, and they are considered “legitimate thefts”, and are not held accountable for them, while there are also some things that cannot be taken, to the point of legal accountability, and here is a presentation For these purposes of two categories: Items allowed to be taken from the hotel:

1- Cosmetic and hygiene tools Hotels often dispose of half-empty bottles of toiletries like shampoo, conditioner, and cream jars, so if a guest uses a few of these cosmetic items, they can take them home with them. 2- Light slippers If guests wear comfy slippers all weekend, the hotel will have to throw them away, so it's usually okay for a hotel guest to take them home. 3- Laundry bag Hotels often have a laundry bag hanging in the wardrobe in the hotel room, the purpose of which is acceptable for hotel management to take guests home with them.

4- office tools Hotels do not mind at all guests taking stationary tools such as pens and notebooks, but encourage the guest to take them as small souvenirs, to carry the hotel logo on it, which is prepared by hotel administrations to promote it indirectly Items not allowed to be taken from the hotel 1- Pillows and bed linen

Guests took bed linen and pillows from hotel rooms upon check out, the hotel costs a lot to buy other, so it is likely that the guest will be charged if they are lost when cleaning the room after check out 2-towels Guests taking towels from hotel rooms is really annoying for its staff, which holds the perpetrators, pay extra fees in case they disappear 3- Batteries for the TV remote control As strange as it may be, hotel staff discovers that the TV remote's batteries are gone, an item that a guest can never take when they leave the hotel. 4- books

Books are located in hotel rooms for the entertainment and enjoyment of guests during their stay, but the guest is not entitled to keep them and take them with him when leaving 5- light bulbs Light bulbs are one of the most common items stolen from hotel rooms, the item for which the hotel is likely to charge you extra if they are discovered to be lost.

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