Dubai Police warns citizens and expatriates against this behavior.. it will be held accountable

Dubai Police have warned of the consequences of responding to massage cards that are distributed randomly in the streets or left on cars, pointing out that going to unlicensed massage centers exposes the person to legal accountability and makes him a target for crimes such as theft and extortion.

The Dubai Police General Command, in cooperation with its partners, launched an awareness campaign to combat the phenomenon of massage cards, and to control their distributors and unlicensed massage centers, to limit violating and prohibited activities and practices that would prejudice the security and safety of community members. The Director of the General Department of Criminal Investigation and Investigation, Brigadier General Jamal Salem Al Jallaf, revealed that the campaigns launched by Dubai Police during the past three years to combat this phenomenon resulted in cutting off the service of 3,114 phones registered on those cards, and raiding 218 apartments that were used as unlicensed massage centers, as well as arresting 2,025 people who were involved in In these practices, among them 1,643 people for violating public morals, and 165 people who were proven to have produced and distributed massage cards.

Al-Jallaf said that the campaign was launched under the directives of the Commander-in-Chief of Dubai Police, Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al-Marri, and the follow-up of his assistant for criminal investigations, Major General Khalil Ibrahim Al-Mansoori, expert, with the aim of intensifying awareness and control efforts to curb practices that violate the law, monitoring unlicensed massage centers, and arresting massage card distributors in the streets. And vehicles in a way that distorts the civilized appearance of the Emirate, and affects public morals because they contain obscene images, as well as promoting unlicensed massage centers. Al-Jallaf warned against dealing with unlicensed massage centers registered on massage cards, for violating the law, stressing that whoever deals with them exposes himself to legal accountability, in addition to the possibility of being exposed to the risk of theft or extortion from workers in those centers.

He stressed that enhancing safety in the emirate is a joint responsibility between the police and members of society, calling on the public to report any violating practices, suspicious behavior, unlicensed massage centers and card distributors, by calling the 901 call center, or through the "Police Eye" service on the Dubai Police smart application on Mobile phones, pointing out that there are licensed centers that can be identified by communicating with the concerned persons in the Department of Economy and Tourism via the toll-free phone 800545555, so there is no excuse or justification for anyone in dealing with an unlicensed center.